Contingent Permanent Placement Solutions

OnSpec’s contingency search is a professional service that addresses a specific market need in identifying and introducing candidates at all skill levels for our clients’ needs. This might be, but is not limited to, positions ranging from Programmers, Data Encoders, Sales Representatives, Account Managers, all the way to Management and Director level positions. Our clients are not only searching in markets where there is likely to be a smaller pool of qualified candidates but they may also be searching for specific candidates, or candidates that are not necessarily looking. When this is the case, OnSpec is able to use its in-house sourcing specialists to locate and identify quality passive candidates.

OnSpec’s industry specific research model has allowed us to develop a very large database of candidates and strong network connections that help us know the best candidates in the market for any given position. We will provide you with the best candidates in your market and industry who have been pre-screened to meet your needs.

We will conduct all reference checks, ensure the candidate is from the top of the market candidates available, and prepare a clean formatted resume to OnSpec’s Standards.

In contingency search, you pay fees to OnSpec only when you actually hire a candidate introduced by us. Contact us today to find out more information or to get a search started.


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