Job Posting Solutions

With Social Media Ads, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Banner Ads, Blogs, and Data Analytics, simply posting your job on to one job board is simply not enough to attract the best candidates any more.  Today, with so much competition, the likelihood that your job posting being visible for much longer than the immediate time following your posting is very low; therefore, companies must post on as many boards and groups as possible to ensure that their posting is noticeable to all candidates.  At OnSpec, we understand the need to be seen and so we have developed a solution in order to help our clients post their jobs using a variety of sources and job boards to give them the exposure they need to find the best candidate possible.

For one low monthly fee, we provide the following scalable solutions:

  • Posting
    • Posting job on traditional market specific Job Boards
    • Job board posting on many of the paid sites
    • Job posting in linked in groups
    • Job posting on Facebook and other social media sites
    • Job posting on industry specific and other sites
  • Screening
    • Phone screening
    • In person interviews
  • References
    • Conduct reference checks
    • Conduct international and country specific reference checks
    • Conduct background checks
    • Conduct international and country specific background checks

We customize confidential scalable solutions for our clients to ease the burden of resource intense tasks to minimize downtime in their offices.

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