Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

OnSpec Consultants tailor custom RPO solutions that help companies, in-house recruitment teams, and talent acquisition professionals meet their most difficult hiring challenges.

There is no one “boxed approach” with OnSpec, but instead, our consultants collaborate with clients’ internal recruitment teams to thoroughly assess their existing approach before creating an innovative RPO solution, together, that will ease the company’s pain-points and successfully fulfill their staffing needs.
Non-traditional and difficult searches can create enormous opportunity costs for companies, hurt them with lost or missed revenue, and in some cases, cripple their entire organization.

Because of this, companies are increasingly turning to outsourced solutions to not only fill these positions but to also compliment the efforts of entire human resource departments. Whether it is volume hiring, subsidized recruitment efforts, or unique searches with tight timelines, OnSpec is able to create an innovative and successful solution that will help close the gap and get your company the right people in the right timeframe.

Best of all, every one of our RPO services is scalable, so we are able to scale our general services to suit your needs.

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