Recruitment Support, Research, and Corporate Mapping

At the very heart of OnSpec lies our core initial set of services; candidate generation and lead generation.  Since 2007 OnSpec has been providing quality candidates to both external and internal recruitment teams. OnSpec is able to dig deep into markets and look under stones to find those hard to locate, passive candidates that your team needs to fill open positions in a timely manner.

Marketing buzz words, the increase in RPO companies, and industry trends have shown that corporations are trying drastically to restructure and reduce overall recruiting costs.  External head hunters and large in-house recruitment teams will never be a thing of the past; however, cost cutting techniques and lean operation plans may force these teams to decrease in size, and thus increase in workload.  By using an RPO provider like OnSpec, your team will be more equipped to prioritize tasks and maximize the team’s effectiveness.

Our research team and your recruiters can work together to create specialized and targeted searches for the candidates that you are looking for but are not able to find through traditional recruitment methods.  OnSpec’s research team takes a grassroots approach to our searches ensuring that you are always getting the best candidates from the best companies.

OnSpec’s experienced and talented recruitment support and research teams will provide you with up to date, quality information about passive candidates including name, current title, phone number, direct line, mobile number, and email address.  In addition, the information provided is yours and you can keep it in your database for as long as you want. There are no hidden fees or charges. You purchase the information and you own it.

We offer both ad hoc and retained research/candidate generation/recruitment support services that will include:

  • A dedicated analyst or a full recruitment team of dedicated analysts that you are able to communicate with directly;
  • Control over analyst and/or team of analysts to direct their search and selection efforts;
  • Daily result updates on candidate search and/or lead generation;
  • Guaranteed quick response time throughout the life of the project;
  • A guarantee on information accuracy. If the information we provide is incorrect, we replace that information at no extra charge.

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