Talent Acquisition

At OnSpec, we truly understand the difference between “The best talent ON the market” and “The best talent IN the market”. Making the match is much more complex than simply funneling profiles to a client that can be easily be sourced at the click of a mouse on the web, or through social media sites and job boards. At OnSpec we revert to the lost art of digging deep to penetrate markets and locate the top passive talent within that market.

We have found that the top tiered candidates are not actively looking but are seemingly content with their current situation; however, this high level of talent understands changing market conditions and corporate structuring plans, and; therefore, has most probably built a long has a list of career goals along with paving out a clear career path to follow. OnSpec thrives on locating these high caliber passive candidates and has the industry experience and resources to locate those candidates.

We believe in our model so much, that our team of specialized recruiters partner with our internal research team so to ensure that our searches never go unfilled, and because of our global footprint, we are able to assist our clients grow and penetrate new markets before physically entering those markets.


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